Beginning of the year activities and assessments WITH a FREEBIE!

It’s that time of year again! The first few weeks of school can be hectic, so I have created some fun and engaging math and literacy centers to use in your classroom. Along with the centers, I have also created some assessments and quick and easy printable worksheets that will make your life easier!
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Gumball counting: Students will practice 1:1 counting while practicing their number sense. Teacher will need to provide pom-poms for the gumballs. Super cute and fun!



Lollypop counting: Students will practice number recognition with 1:1 counting while using Play-Doh to trace the number and place balls of Play-Doh over the lollypops.

lollypop counting

5 Frame Counting: Students will practice 1:1 counting on 5 frames while building their fine motor skills with clothes pins.

5 frame counting


Candle Counting: Students will pull a number card and place the candles or popsicle sticks on the cake. Fun and hands on!!


My ever-so-popular Counting Towers! Students will use one of mats provided below and place unifix cubes on the numbers to work on 1:1 counting.


Number puzzles: So fun, so easy!! I have them differentiated from 0-5 or 1-10.

number puzzles 0-5

First Sound Match: Students will use the puzzles to match the first sound in the picture to the letters. Super cute clip art!


Uppercase Lowercase Match: Students will match the uppercase letters on the bugs to the lowercase letters on the flowers.


First Sound Match: Students will use a clothespin to find the first sound that matches the picture. Count be done independently or in a small group!

Alphabet Practice: Students will practice their letter formation while learning the first sound.  I like to use Play-Doh to trace the big uppercase letter to make it more hands-on and engaging!


Letter, Word, Picture Sort: Students will increase their knowledge of print by deciding which is a letter, a word, and a picture and sorting in into the correct category on their paper. This can be used as a reusable center or a cut and paste activity.


Here are some examples of my quick and easy printable worksheets!!



Here are some samples from my Kindergarten Assessments!


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