Grammar in Kindergarten

I teach in an ELL classroom where all 27 of my student’s are english language learners. In Arizona, we are required to teach the ELL students a rigorous amount of grammar that ranges from articles, nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, etc…. By the end of the year they really have it down!! It’s amazing how I can tell a student to make their sentence more interesting by adding an adjective and they know exactly what I mean. Sometimes they refer to the grammar wall (which is an expectation in the classroom) to get their ideas. Each part of speech is also color coded so they can easily identify the words in a sentence. So far this year I have taught my kinder smarties nouns and their categories (person, place, and thing). I have also taught them the article ‘a’ which always goes in front of a noun. This is one center I am currently doing this week. It really gives me an idea of who understands it, and acutally they are all very bright and getting it! Then they practice writing the nouns in their grammar journals. For the students who are having a hard time writing their words (ex: a crayon) I leave the color coding in their journals with a marker so they know exactly where to put the words. This also helps with their finger spacing between words. Stay tuned for more pictures as we add to our grammar lessons throughout the year!!
This is the noun poster that my students refer back to on the grammar wall posted in the classroom.
Week 2 Center: articles and nouns using color coding (article red, nouns yellow)
Week 3 Center: sorting nouns

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