21 Things Teachers Appreciate About Summer Break

Summer Break is here or almost here for most of us! Here is a list of things that most, if not all teachers really enjoy about summer! Make it a great one!!! You deserve it!

summer break 21 things cover

  1. No alarm clocks


  2. I can use the bathroom whenever I want.

    cat gotta go

  3.  I have no clue what day of the week it is.clueless girl
  4. I don’t have to each lunch in 20 minutes

    garfield eating

  5. I have time to catch up on doctor visits.

    doctor visit

  6. I can stay up to 2am just because.

    up late

  7. No Sunday night blues

    excited teachers

  8. My work laptop remains shut for 2 months.

    laptop close

  9. Afternoon naps


  10. I finally have time to exercise again.


  11. I don’t have to use my “teacher voice”.


  12. I can read for fun.


  13. I can binge watch Netflix shows.

    watching tv

  14. My cart of teacher junk starts to collect dust.


  15. A rainy day doesn’t give me anxiety.

    singing in the rain

  16. Time to reconnect with my kids

    puppys playing

  17. Family vacations

    family vacation

  18. Lunch dates with teacher friends

    monica rachel

  19. Cocktails with lunch


  20. Yoga pants all day, every day

    yoga pants

  21. Driving out of the school parking lot on the last day….


If you just can’t let go of teaching this summer (aka teaching summer school or need to prep those students for next year), it’s OK! Here is a Summer Review packet for Kindergarten. It also would be a great beginning of the year review packet for 1st grade too!


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