Ideas for using mini erasers in your classroom

Who doesn’t love these super cute erasers from the Target Dollar Spot? I have become a hoarder when it comes to finding these erasers and coming up with ways to use them in my classroom!



Below are some fun ideas that I have created that you can use with these erasers! Some of these are products that are for sale in my TpT store. Each image will direct you to that product, so feel free to click away! There are also some ideas that you can try on your own too! Keep scrolling and you will certainly find something that will work for you.

1. Math Centers: these erasers make for a perfect manipulative in all sorts of math centers! Check out how I have used them to reinforce number sense.

spring math

spring eggs addingSpring addition (and subtraction) centers are perfect for number sense!

Slide1More spring centers that can be also printed in black and white on bright colored paper!


10-framesHalloween addition and 10 frame fun

Winter 10 framesThese winter centers are a sure hit, especially when you can have the kids color them and use these fun snowmen!

valentines math erasersValentine’s Day Math centers are highly engaging and help students visualize their learning with these cute erasers!

2. Sorting- This is a great skill that can start as early as 2 years old! I purchased a dip tray from the Dollar Tree and it makes for a great sorting station!

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 6.19.42 PM
3. Phoneme segmentation- As students practice sounding out words it can be a bit tricky because of how abstract the concept is. I like to use these erasers as a visual cue for each sound. Instead of using their fingers to count the sound in a word, they can place an eraser down for each sound they hear. To ad more of a visual, you could use Elkonin Boxes like the ones pictured below.


4. Story starters- Students can grab an eraser or two to help them start a story. Place a basket of different erasers at the table and they have to pick some to write a story about.

5. Story problems- Create a story problem with the erasers.

For example, I went to the farm and saw 4 rabbits and 3 chickens, how many animals did I see in all? They can use their erasers to count them instead of drawing dots or using other non-related manipulatives.

Another example, There are 10 pumpkins sitting on a fence. 4 fell off and rolled away. How many pumpkins are left on the fence?

6. Making patterns- This is always something easy to do and doesn’t take much prep. Students can find ways to make patterns using the erasers.

7. Prepositions- Students can place the erasers on a mat where they can practice using positional words. For example: Place the cupcake next to the tree. Place the snowman on top of the house. Place the pumpkin in front of the fence. Or you could use them whole group during a lesson. Each student gets an eraser and they are to place it where you tell them to. For example, place the heart on top of your head, place the heart next to your shoe, place the heart in front of your face, place the heart under your legs.

8. Graphing- Students can grab a handful of mini erasers and graph them using graph paper.
graphing erasers

I hope you find these ideas helpful to you! If you do not have a Target near you, I would suggest using other manipulatives like pom poms, gems, candy (candy corn, peppermints, heart candy), or stickers. You can also check out Oriental Trading for erasers or The Dollar Tree.

Happy teaching! 🙂


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