5 senses poster


For the science fair last spring, we chose to do the 5 senses as a kindergarten team. The kids loved learning about all the different senses! I made this poster on butcher paper to be displayed at the science fair with all of our fun projects. I just thought I would share!

Kindergarten Common Core Math Assessments


I am so excited about my newest project! This is a great tool for any teacher to have in their classroom to keep track of their student’s growth throughout the school year. If your report cards have changed to the CCSS (which ours already have) this is going to be perfect for you! As a […]

Bossy e (CVCe) Clip Art Puzzle


Hello! I made a fun ‘bossy e’ (CVCe) puzzle for your smarties to use during reading centers! My students love to use these, and I’m sure yours will too! I have used the color versions and the black and white ones. It just depends on what you’re looking for! My students love to use this […]

Hundreds chart puzzle


Another fun, math activity my kinder smarties love to do, is the 100’s chart puzzle! I find a hundreds chart and run it off on colored paper. Make sure to laminate it so you can use it year after year! I cut the chart up randomly like a puzzle and they try and fit it […]

Mother’s Day Book with a Freebie


Enjoy the Mother’s Day books I made! It’s a sure winner for mom’s everywhere 🙂 Available in color or B&W. Click on my store to purchase!        Check out my FREEBIE! These are cute coupons that a child can give to their mom’s on Mother’s Day. Click on my store to download!  


Digraphs Cover thumb

This is a great hands on activity for your kinder smarties, first grade smarties and even second grade smarties! They have the option to match words with many different digraph combinations, practice writing the words on a recoding sheet, and as an extension, use the words in a sentence. Click here to download!