Funny Bones Tally Marks Matching Set


This is a super cute Halloween activity for your students to do during math centers! Even better it’s a FREEBIE! Each set covers tallys from 1-12 and are grouped by bright, neon colors. This also comes in black in white to save ink! My students love matching the numbers to the tally marks. It gives […]

Alphabet, FIrst Sound Fluency, 10 Frames, and more for the Common Core!


This is a perfect packet for the beginning of the year! There are different activities that your students can do independently, whole group, or in a small group. There are also great posters to place in your classroom for the students to use as resources. Included, are great resources and activities for DIBELS practice, and […]

Kindergarten Common Core Math Assessments


I am so excited about my newest project! This is a great tool for any teacher to have in their classroom to keep track of their student’s growth throughout the school year. If your report cards have changed to the CCSS (which ours already have) this is going to be perfect for you! As a […]

Hundreds chart puzzle


Another fun, math activity my kinder smarties love to do, is the 100’s chart puzzle! I find a hundreds chart and run it off on colored paper. Make sure to laminate it so you can use it year after year! I cut the chart up randomly like a puzzle and they try and fit it […]

3D cube project


Today in our class my Kinder smarties created 3D shapes made of tooth picks and marshmallows! They had so much fun making this project, and they were really good at it! The only tricky part was not eating the marshmallows 🙂

Turkey Count


My kinder smarties count the dots on the turkeys and match the numbers to the correct amount. This is good practice for dot dice number recognition which builds number sense!