Arizona blogger meet up


Last night we had a great time at our Arizona blogger meet up! It was fun to connect with other bloggers out there, eat some yummy food, compare and contrast our school experiences, and partake in a fun white elephant gift exchange! Here is a photo to capture the night as well as my white […]

Funny Bones Tally Marks Matching Set


This is a super cute Halloween activity for your students to do during math centers! Even better it’s a FREEBIE! Each set covers tallys from 1-12 and are grouped by bright, neon colors. This also comes in black in white to save ink! My students love matching the numbers to the tally marks. It gives […]

Word Blends MEGA Bundle!


I decided to bundle all of my word blend activities into one! This way you can be sure to hit every word blend combination with your class, or pick and choose the right ones for struggling students. This bundle includes my: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr ‘r’ Word Blend Activity th, ch, sh, […]